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You see a message with a silver sail-ship emblazoned at the top, tacked to a bulletin board.

The Silver Sail Company is now recruiting!

We are odd jobs mercenaries looking for all races and classes to join our ranks and perform a variety of jobs. We cater to your skill-set! No fighting skills? No problem! No healing skills? No problem!

((We do group RP leveling, and random events. We are a heavy roleplaying guild built on a loosely defined 'mercenaries' theme. We are aiming to build a guild of like minded, social players who enjoy any aspect of Tera as it unfolds.
Not matter your interest, PVE-Dungeons and endgame, PVP-vanarch, deathmatches, dueling, Or simply just a social, enjoyable roleplaying experience, We'd like to create a place where players of various interests can join together.

The leaders have been involved with roleplaying for many years combined, as well as being active in various levels of PVP and PVE experience in different MMOs.

What we are and want to work towards:
-Social, fun experience for leveling
-Vanarch Elections
-Dungeons, group questing and roleplaying, eventually Nexus raids.
-PVP, deathmatches and dueling.
-A smaller, more tight knit guild, while still retaining numbers to achieve the above
-Constant, literate roleplay, while still having out of character options

What we don't want in our guild.
-Elitists! New to RP? No problem!
-Jerks! Jerks and assholes need not apply. We have a mature humor in our guild, but  we know when to draw the line, and what's acceptable and what's not. Mature humor or not, being friendly is more important to us than an off-color joke.

If this is something you're interested in, you can contact the two following for more information.

To apply, see Mathew or Lucinda.Blackwood.
Guild News

New IC Channel!

Lucinda.Blackwood, Jun 2, 12 7:06 PM.
We now have our own IC channel: /chat SSCRP 1234 to join. To use, type <P> to indicate a broadcast through all pins. The pins also have a built in distress beacon. The channel may also be used for in character monologues.

Guild Meeting Scheduled

Lucinda.Blackwood, May 27, 12 4:55 PM.
Guild meeting Wednesday, 5/30, at 10 PM EST.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Lucinda.Blackwood, May 11, 12 4:43 AM.
Guild website created!
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